So xmb do you own a gun?

Hey guys i was just wandering if anybody on here owned any guns?
i personally own a little walther p22 not to kill them when they intrude but to shoot them in them in the leg then kick there ass :laughing:

i own 13 guns but my german 1944 luger is my fav

I got Meh lady To Shoot it :wink:

Looks like some bad ass gun you got there

these are my bad boys

i would love to see a pic of that

I own a Beneli Montefeltro 20 gauge

I got a gun:

` _____| ~ ~ ~

Am I cool, or?

lmao, omg dude you just made my day.

can’t beat THAt

lol, no.

I do not, but my brother owns a few. He has a glock, an M22, and a desert eagle .50.
-He lives in Arizona, occasionally we go to the desert to just shoot stuff.

Not trying to brag or anything.

blackeagle 12ga auto btw beneli is sexy

I gotz teh cat gunz.


Look at Those bad Boys

lol what did i just start?

i spy with my little eye serial numbers! better report a stolen gun to the 5 oh

I have a 40 a 45 and a Mossberg 500 in my house.

lol nice nerf guns guys

by chance are you starting a army?..can i join :laughing:

not my actual gun mines under the bed with all my dead babies