Social Media design

Just something I did yesterday took me 7 hours and 55 minutes (I recorded the time)

Banner doesn’t really look good, honestly, too many sponsors on there. Other than that it looks great!

I suppose that is a good thing on his part haha, a lot of sponsors is a lot of revenue.

Not for the designer though, makes your job harder.

Why are there lines on the avatar at the top? I think it would match the banner more if they were removed.

The lines are sparks from the fire. Also yeah the sponsors made it extremely hard to work with, I had to make the text so small as well as the logos.

I really like those colors and dont really mind the sponsers there. Its pretty sick in my opinion

Good job with it! I would of only used the logos though, just my opinion. Would you mind sending me the PSD? Looking closely at good designs helps me learn.