Some cheats dont work :(

the unlimited battery,unlimited health,unlimited money,and add followers dosent work please help.

What game are you talking about?

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watch dogs 2

Everytime i press on, on one of those cheats it just pops back to off no matter how many times i press.

What is your game version/source?


so do you have a fix or??

You are way way way behind in versions. The trainer is for latest steam/uplay version of game (it’s at 1.016 now)

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Will the cheats be updated for 1.3?


the cheats do not work with the GoG version, after pressing the button the cheat activates and then turns off again.

Cheats for what game?

sorry forgetting to write for No Man´s Sky

The game just had a huge update 2 days ago. STN will update it as soon as he can.

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How does the unlimited resources work? Like I want salvaged technology to be unlimited.

When can we expect the latest compatibility update for the hacks to the game(No Man’s Sky)

There is no way for anyone to say when that will happen. STN updated it 2 or 3 times after the big update and ask everyone to enable version guard.