Some Dlcs?

I do not know if it’s possible, so before request you any dlc , I ask you, Is it possible to upload any dlc to the network? I mean, i want the dark souls 2 dlc, but i dont know if its posible that some of you upload those dlc so, tanks for the answers.:slight_smile:

The only DLCs you can get and play for free on an un-modified retail 360 are DRM free versions, and there’s only a small selection of those, and does not include Dark Souls 2 DLC content, sorry. If you have a Jtag/RGH modified 360 it is possible, but you’ll have to find them elsewhere as there’s no way to upload them here, and it’s against site rules anyways.

aden34 posted a thread with a list of drm free dlcs.!-(Bioshock-Infinite).
And like steve said, dark souls 2 isnt drm free.