Some features locked behind PRO that weren't before

I really don’t like how the new update makes some features are now locked behind PRO, such as interactive cheats. I, myself, am not old enough to get any form of online currency, and personally, find this paywall to be very annoying to users who don’t want to pay for PRO’s whopping $7.99 a month.

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You can still cheat using hotkeys

Dont worry every thing will still be free for you
But you have enuf for a pc and the games to play
Its pretty expensive to run a site for free all the time and to pay the guys to make the free trainers. The site is kept running by pro users
But thanks for being a member.

Thanks for the feedback! The interactive controls were originally in the remote app. We decided to add them into the desktop app as a test, but they were intended to be Pro only.

dude from all the site i have been this one is cheaper but i am broke right now that is why i don`t have pro account