Some Infinitely-loading Mods

So, I am trying to play a few games with Wemod on my laptop. It does work for a few of my games, but it doesnt seem to work with Red Alert 3 or Company of Heroes, and a few more games (that I kinda forgot the names of). It does work for Red Alert 3: Uprising, Hearts of Iron IV, Jurassic World Evolution, Command and Conquer: Remastered, and Command and Conquer: Kane’s Wrath, so I doubt it is my antivirus.

Please, someone help me be a cheater!

Hey there! I’m sorry to hear you are experiencing this problem with some of your games, I suggest following the steps below first and then get back to me if it does not work!

Do a clean install, delete these folders

Then, uninstall the program, restart your PC, and attempt to download it again. After the reinstallation, add these folders to your antivirus exceptions. Ensure you select ‘Add Folder’ (not ‘Add File’). If you’re unsure how to add these folders, you can find instructions by searching on Google.”

And is there anything special i need to do, other than delete those folders, to uninstall Wemod?

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This worked! Thanks!

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Perfect! Don’t hesitate to reach out on here or our discord channel if you have anymore problems!