Some mods at random don't work

Ok, so sometimes, it turns on, but doesn’t actually work. See unlimited health in The Forest. Sometimes, whenever I activate it, it just deactivated itself. See unlimited cells in deadcells. Any help?

Games get updated especially the ones you mentioned which get updated on a weekly if not daily basis. Trainers are coded in a way to withstand updates but game devs are incompetent and change their game code so much that each update is different (and useless) than the previous one thus breaking the trainer.

So that’s the reason some mods stop working. To be more accurate, mods don’t stop working, they still work for the version they are made for, just that games change a lot.

My ancestor trainer-makers didn’t have to deal with this non-sense, hard to believe but there was a time when games went through quality assurance and testing and fully finished games were released to public. You could make a trainer for a game once and not have to worry about it for years. I know it is unbelievable but i have lived through some of that era and it is true! Mods didn’t stop working then :scream:

how do i enable the cheats?

Which game?

Open infinity choose the game you want then press play in top right corner when in game press what ever cheat you want F1 , F2 , F3 , F4 ,

The Forest was just an example. It’s the same with dead cells and Skyrim, but that might be Early Access, and Bethesda spaghetti code.

Whoops, already mentioned dead cells. Well whatever, Faster than Light does it too, and it’s been released for who knows how long.

south park stick of truth how do i use the max xp cheat

Look in individual trainer thread if the game might have an update. These are early access ■■■■ titles so i wouldn’t be surprised if they updated