Some Mods Will NOT Turn On

For the Divinity Original Sin 2 certain mods on there will not turn on, how do i fix LOL

There ya go
Trainer needs updating

Unlimited Health, Unlimited Combat ability points, Unlimited Talent Points, Unlimited Civil Ability Points and Unlimited Attribute Points instantly turn off when i turn them on. They immediately go back off. Help plz

Did you push play and start the game first ?

I always start the game first then i push play.

Do you have the latest steam version of the game and are you using the cheats in singleplayer?


Trainer probably needs an update then

My Infinity has been fully updated, the little update symbol is not showing up.

STN probably means that the trainer itself is outdated and need to be fixed.


Plz fix it

I didn’t make the trainer

Do you know who did? And if you do, can you tell him to fix it? Please.

You didnt read the original post above it seems.
The answer is there that can send you to the original post.

Here it is:

Talk with him and you are going to be okey.

@chris probably close this. Original 5 months old but rebumped.
And this is a problem that should be posted on the trainer thread anyway.