Some of the cheats keep turning off

Hi guys.

Like 2 months ago when i played Horizon Zero Dawn (cracked), every mod worked perfectly.
And now, today, when I wanted to play some more, first 4 cheats didin’t work, some cheats in the middle did and some more cheats didn’t.

I tried turning off windows defender, reinstalling wemod, clicking the game normally and then after i’m in, clicking “play”.

Please help me.

We cannot assist you if you are using a cracked version of the game. If you are not using the newest version of the game that is probably causing the issue. You can try an older version of the trainer by clicking the History tab below play.

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I’ll try using the older versions, thank you.

I’ve had some time to test the 3 month old trainer like you sudgested and it works just fine, thank you so much <3

Enjoy the game. :slight_smile: