Some Old Freestyles From Back In My Day

I was going through some old ass burnt CDRs that I came across earlier while looking for something else, and found this disc that was a late night freestyle session with my old friend Dan(dee bee), and myself. I figure why not upload a few tracks from it to Youtube and share them here. If you don’t like them, well then don’t listen. If you do like them, let me know, and I’ll upload some more. I was mainly a DJ back in those days, but would occasionally grab the mic, mainly when I was under the influence of this or that chemical. Enjoy… or pop in dem earplugs.

Are you from the ghetto?

At a point my town was infested with drug dealers from NY, and other out of staters that came here to do their thing after casinos were built just outside our town. These recordings were from around that period. I’m a much different person these days, and never got down with that **** anyway, while I might sound ‘hard’ in these recordings, I’ve always been a nice guy, but don’t put up with BS.

I love NY.

We’ve talked about NY before, you know I’m a fan myself. When the crack selling thugs from the city came and set up shop in what was a half way decent town(Norwich), then I got problems, not with NY(mainly NYC boroughs), but with the scum that came to profit off all the new activity in our area, because of the casinos.

I’ll leave another short, and sloppy portion of that late night session here.

Which voice are you the first or second one in the first video?

I’m the first in all 3, I mention my name, and dee bee refers to me as Stevie quite a few times.

I’m from NYC :cry: and you could use some work on your bars, anywho I did like your beats.

I’m not really into this kinda music anymore at my age but I can say for sure that I really appreciate anything Musically related.

Im very eclectic with my music and I love everything about it! I especially love how it helps people to express themselves in a way that is ideal for the individual. Whether its dancing, singing, rapping, composing, playing an instrument or if it’s something moving like this…

Whatever it is, music is something that flows through everyone (don’t believe me? Ask yourself how many times you have ‘nodded your head’ or tapped your foot to a beat).

It effects people differently and in many ways and the emotion can be seen by the performance of the performer(s).

Thanks for sharing Steve!

Steve, Are the spelling mistakes in the first two videos on purpose ?

Of course they were. You win some freshly baked thug life cookies for being the first to notice!

Your prize

Mmm, Thug Life.

Freestyle #1 is my favorite so far.

Thanks James! My man Borat, love that dude! I didn’t post this stuff thinking I had some hot freestyles, or any real talent by any means, just wanted to share it. If everyone on here said my **** was garbo I would’ve had no hard feelings as that’s actually what I expected when I decided to post em in the first place. I was never an MC or rapper, just grabbed the mic on occasion when my peers pushed me to. Maybe they saw something in me that I didn’t. Still sloppy, off beat by any means.

I’ll leave a few more segments from that same late night after the BBQ session here.

Reminds me of Aesop Rock.

Bumping this with a few more old recordings I just dug up earlier today. This stuff is from like 2003, all one take stuff, no multi-track recording sessions and ****. I know it isn’t anything special, but it’s me. Enjoy, or hate me even more.

Hey bro thanks for that eighth the other night! Cheapest prices in town.

He hooked it up all the way from Connecticut? Damn. Steve. Hit me up.