Someone upload me a Skyrim Gamesave?

Well I need someone to upload me a skyrim savegame.

Must add these too.

• How much Money you have
• What Level (If thats in Skyrim)
• What is Magic Level (If thats in Skyrim)
• Notice: This is for a Mod Tool, not me wanting to use it!

Basicly all the basic things you want modding for skyrim.


(Mediafire or Megaupload - would be best for me to download!)

here you go mate Start of the game (first mission main quest) Lv208 godmode hope you enjoy

sorry you need to highlight my last comment for the link to show up

Yeah, forgot to add, I need a non-modded one.

Im currently making a mod tool for it but need the correct amount of money for hexs etc

Here you go mate,Level 3, 1162 gold, i dont think there is a Magic level, just an amount, eitherway i have 110/110 Magic (but you can raise you Magic each time you rank up, so like 120/120, 130/130 and so on, so maybe thats the ‘Level’)
Save 4 - Salud Bleak Falls Temple 0.exs

Some info on the GODSAVE i found (there is more to mod then just Level and Gold)

Alteration: 100
Conjuration: 100
Destruction: 100
Speach: 100
One-Handed: 100
Two-Handed: 100
Smithing: 100
Light Armor:100
Heavy Armor: 100
Block: 100
Archery: 100, all these apart from 4 skills that i didn’t get to do.

Health: 800/800
Stamina: 800/800
Magica: 770/770

im guessing those are the limits and shiz ^

if you make a save editor, please include the feature to increase or decrease your level, cause i am using that GOD save, because my original got corrupt, and would really like to set my level to 6 instead of the 208 it has

dude there are lots of great glitches already in game play on ur own and have someone mod ur save

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