Song of the Deep Trainer (latest Steam Version)

Can someone make a trainer for this Game I can’t go any further because the squids attracted by my sub light kill me with one touch.
Suggested options:
inf health
inf energy
super speed for submarine
no clip (pass through barriers)
unlimited upgrade money
one hit kill
no damage to submarine from any monster
open all upgrades for purchase
increase red bombs & chained bombs time out by 20 times - - this one I need badly due to my poor dexterity because of my severe arthritis.

I moved this to the Infinity suggestions tag

Excuse this old man.I some times forget where I should post suggestions.

Game has a Glitch that the latest patch didn’t correct as stated. The LT1 or E command won’t return me to the sub. So after 38 hrs of Game Play I am stuck in area. Need a noclip for this problem. Many other people have reported the same problem

Just a trainer with just the one option noclip would save the day for hundreds of stuck players.

Im sure the devs have seen it. Its just they got a lot going on right now.
They have list on list with suggestions and Infinity v2 is soon comming out.

Since its much going on at the moment, please be patient.
Im sure @STN or some other devs already have seen it

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Thank you for looking into this, no hurry. I know with all the releases you are very busy.

I forgot to mention all we need is a one option-noclip trainer. I will wait patiently. Noclip will cause problems if you try to use it to get into areas scripted for the proper way to enter them, We need a simple toggle on/off to go up through the green spinning wheels which is the same area we are already in.