Sony did it again?!

I noticed that they’re doing the Same thing they did to Destiny. It’s only being shown for PlayStation 4. They aren’t saying anything about Xbox One, having people to believe that its only exclusive to PlayStation 4. I feel as Microsoft is about to make another cologne/perfume ad.

Pretty sure it says “PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.”

Fair point, but the thing is that some people don’t care to read the title, believe it or not, and see PlayStation 4 at the end and assume that it is PlayStation 4 exclusive.

The Xbox One logo is to the right-hand side of it?
It’s just because Playstation have a better deal with Rockstar Games at the moment so they’re been promoted more than Xbox One, also links into why there’s a $500k (extra) pre-order bonus for the Playstation.

Think of it like Call of Duty DLC, Microsoft bought it so that they got DLC 1 month earlier than Playstation. Same ordeal.