Soooo Tapatalk?

What’s going to happen with Tapatalk and the forums? Is it being disbanded? I really enjoyed getting a notification on my phone if someone quoted or messaged me.

Tapatalk was disabled on HorizonMB months ago! (security issues)

There’s no implementation for Discourse AKAIK, but I wouldn’t be opposed to coding it myself.

Oh dang, I never noticed it was disabled since I didn’t post much. I’m sure some more members would like a notification on their phone if someone quotes or messages them, unless I’m just weird and like that stuff.

It would be kinda nice but after a while I would probably end up disabling it, so I think it should only be really looked into if alot of people want it. But that is just my opinion

The mobile theme for this is pretty nice IMO.

Yeah, but it doesn’t give you notifications for stuff like mentions and PM’s

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