Sorry to leave

wemod is awesome, but it does not work for me, i think my computer need an overhaul, because I have experienced crashing, annoying controller problems, my character got his body cut open and the dude was still alive crawling in the muddy waters yet very much alive and fighting… on top of that the contoller was actually experiencing latency to the highest extent… I had to cancel my subscription which i really did not wanna do … I was playing said game (Mortal Shell) on Playstation 4 using Saved Wizard, but they ain’t got nothing on WEMOD!! The only thing I’m dismayed about is the crashes, and all the technical problems that I faced when I purchased the game from Steam … and then having to purchase the subscription (which I didn’t mind doing) If things would of worked properly. I’m not a geek on the computer like many of you in this WEMOD community. If anyone reading this can help me I’d sure be grateful. Had to cancel my subscription. Maybe you can enlighten me a bit.

Without knowing more details (such as why the trainers aren’t working for you), there’s not much for us to go on. In any event, sorry wemod isn’t working right for you. best of luck to you!