Soul Calibur 5 corrupted files

Okay I have read and watch many videos and try everything I can to get rid of the corrupted but nothing havn’t work. I’m completely new to modding and horizon himself, I use violent vodka soul calibur editor. I modd it then save, then went to horizon to quickfix and I get 2 error. Failed STFS Package and object already exists.When I manage to get it but can’t use quickfix,I put in the xbox but it reads corrupted

1. Quick Fix
2. Opening as a tool manager
3. Rehash and Resign which still give me the same error
4. Use hash calculator
5. Use tafxgui
6.Use Modio
7. Inject new file
8. Extract new file
9. Make a new save then try step 1 and 3 again
10. replace new saving with modded one

I would be extremely happy it this can be solve

Pretty sure Soul Calibur V has a sensor on it where it can detect modded save files and makes them corrupt. Can’t remember how I got passed it a long time ago. I only modded it to get Soul Edge (Character) and SCIV Nightmare and Siegfried.

Can you post or send your original save file before you used the Soul Caliber tool and also a link to the save tool? That might be corrupting the save file.