Soul Calibur IV Credits Editor

Version: (12/26/2010)

(NOTE: you still have to beat certain conditions to Unlock certain items and weapons, this is just to edit your values to be able to buy the unlocked items/weapons)

SO here you go:
Soul Calibur IV - Credits Editor

Virus Scan

NEW: Version, Using Package IO. Tested.
Don’t forget to rehash/resign the file once modded.
POSSIBLE Future Updates Include: Weapon/Item/Created Character modding, Weapon/Item Unlocking, and Tower of Lost Souls modding.

Please Post or PM me any bugs found. Thank you.

I know how to fix the cancel error
if OFd.showdialog = then

is that vb coding or C#?

EDIT: nevermind, vb is working just fine with that coding.
lemme rebuild the editor. I set up the v1 anyway.

No problem, that was my main modding program problem.

Awesome I will sure try it.

Look cool, cant wait to try it out.

hmmm I realize its not saving for some reason anymore using x360.dll.
let me take it down and figure it out, sorry guys. will have it up soon

EDIT:Updated First post

I do belive they patched this a while ago, it wont let me save on a modded save game

Updated, Finally rebuilt the editor from the ground up WITH Package.IO now instead of x360.dll


I would agree if I haven’t tested it myself and If a friend of mine did test it either and both of us confirmed that it works. :laughing:
so um…yea?

Ok so I was wondering if any one could help me find the hex values for the stats. I was talking to some guy about how he was doing it but didnt get any help. I tried and have failed.

as far as I know, all the character’s (edited and regular) stats and encrypted.
I’m looking into the unlocking armor/items/weapons etc…


nice tool



Thanks for bumping this.
It seems that I forgot to revisit this thread and update it to version back in 2010.
(I might end up revisiting this tool and rebuild it from the ground up with optimized code)

In any case, I’ve updated the first post.