Soul Calibur V - Level 98 GameSave

This is a Level 98 Game Save for Soul Calibur V (5). Do One match and rank up to level 99 and unlock everything. Open up in Modio or Horizon, then replace the ID’s to yours and rehash and resign.
Then your done! :smile:
Please thank this Post!
If it doesn’t work then it’s not my fault! :wink:
Here is the Link:

No one wants this? :smile:

I don’t have that game yet, but I appreciate your willingness to share. Thanks.

Loading it up

i feel a ban hammer coming on.

not unless you mod your online stuffs

Your welcome! :smiley:

i just download this file after i install game on xbox360… if it works i tell u


loading game and see what happen

Did it work?


hey this works completely and your character creations are really cool they come with it a total of 3

Thanks, didn’t know my save would still work after almost a year. Thought they patched this, also, read the date. You bumped a year old thread.


Does this save pop all the cheevos at once?

I don’t think so, sorry. You can try. But I’m not 100% sure.

Thanks bro!

Thanks a lot, will give the game a try now :smile:

Do not bump old threads.