Soulmask Cheats and Trainer for Steam

I can do whatever I want, it just doesn’t work anymore. I tried it probably 50 times this morning and a few more times. I’m not doing anything different than I did last night. I put the item in my slot1 and then I set the quantity in wemod then I drag the item in slot1 into another slot and like yesterday evening the item should actually multiply. Unfortunately it no longer works at all today.

I have another question. Is it possible to change the level of consciousness?

It suddenly works again. I multiplied stone walls

Everything works for me and no single crash. but I don’t understand number 20.

@Vicden When you have an Item with an Amount higher than the Max Amount the game allows for it, you can’t move them from one Slot to another empty one. With that mod active you can do it.

Set item amount isn’t working. I try to trigger with everything but no luck

I noticed that the “Set Item Amount” will randomly stop working. I’ve been able to get it to work (sometimes) by stopping the WeMod cheats and hitting play again. If it does fail to work that way, I restart WeMod all together, while still in game.

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Infinite life does not work

Set item amount isn’t working i try a lot of times open-close wemod but nothing

same issue here with the item amount. it’s weird tho. it worked a couple days ago. but now it’s not anymore.

cheats seems to work fine for me only issue is chests that arent my own can no longer be opened.
all tribe people also idle infront of my own chests asif they cant open them, it tries but just remain in animation of trying chest lid doesnt more and no window with item pops up

try to use food first and after that item you want worked for me!!

that didn’t work for me :frowning:

Duplicate item just stopped working for me as well. Tried a few ways to check the reason. No recent updates, at least nothing listed on Steam, verified files, closed and reopened both clients, tried different objects (inc. ones that had worked before) . . . no clue as to why it isn’t working. Seems random. Can we hope for an update?

here’s a mystery. it started working for me again in the middle of my game session. wasn’t working at all, then suddenly a few hours in it started working. i had been trying it every half hour or so. there doesn’t seem to be any rhyme or reason to it.

I’ve noticed a pattern with how SoulMask and WeMod are interacting. After using WeMod for a while (the time varies), SoulMask starts glitching. This seems to affect certain mods, specifically the “Set Item Amount,” Stat/Tech Points Modifiers, and EXP Multipliers.

I have had a few successful attempts at getting the “[Slot 1] Set Item Amount” to work again by using “Task Manager” to completely close WeMod (ONLY “End Task” for "WeMod - Cheats and Mods (#)) and then reopen WeMod and click play. At other times, I have to close out of the game completely and wait for a while before I can get the mods to work again.

For some reason I cannot open soulmask with wemod no more, it just crashes

I would try and open the game through Steam and wait till you are fully loaded into the game before you activate WeMod.

yeah, this doesn’t work either. doesn’t seem to be anything that can be done to force it to work. have tried every suggestion and things others have tried. it just either works or doesn’t at any given time. Though, i will say, that once it starts working in a play session it won’t stop working until the next play session.

Hei :o) I can`t open to collect from storage chests in soulmask world when im using wemod…? I have to turn the app of to be able to open the chests and then when i try starting wemod after it will not start again