Space Hulk: Deathwing enhanced edition

Since the enhanced edition is out, is there something in the pipeline?


vote for it. There’s a vote system for a reason

There doesn’t seem to be an option for this edition to vote for.

Enhanced edition is probably the same just comes with the dlc’s

They revamped it and added content:

There is a voting option for it: Looks this game needs a LOT of votes to get in the queue, (93 exist, 1,146 remain). My advice, start racking up those points and vote, as that is what I plan on doing! Sadly, I just blew all my votes on Endless Legend and am kicking myself for it.

The original Deathwing kind of bombed, which is why I suspect there are so few votes. If worse comes to worse, I’ll re-install the original. Nonetheless, it would be nice to see the Enhanced Edition addressed as well, as I think it is quite an improvement. @STN wrote the original and is always busy, so it is just something we’ll have to rack up votes for.

If anything, just another incentive to sign up for the Pro version. Though the budget is really tight this month, I’m tempted to do it anyway. I’ll just have to cut some corners elsewhere. Great priorities huh? :wink:

Yeah it will take a little while, but it’s not the most in demand game we need to support.

I’m sure STN will get round to it one of these days. But yeah, pile in those votes folks!

On a side note - does anyone else find this game extremely difficult or is it just me?

It is not just you @Lorcian I find it extremely frustrating as well. FYI, I took the plunge, went Pro, and dumped every single vote into the game. It is one of those games that I want to play, but know darn well I’ll last about an hour before I rage quit. Some games simply need trainers to truly be enjoyable.

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Thats a sad truth. Look at Enter the Gungeon for example.

Exactly, and why I was so thrilled to find WeMod! With the advent of eSports, and the proliferation of hard-core gaming, there is often a focus on making games ultra-complex and extremely difficult. I avoid multi-player like the plague for that reason, sans the occasional “friendly game” with someone I know. Otherwise, I know I’ll end up being the recipient of poorly-spelled insults by pedantic morons. It doesn’t phase me, but it can become annoying. Still, I’ve had my “win moments” in such situations.

I recall a year ago when I figured I’d try an online Dawn of War RTS match and one fellow kept insulting me non-stop. I politely apologized for being a “newb” and asked “Do you live with your parents? If so, I hope they take good care of you.” He replied, “Yeah a guess, but you still suck.” I replied, “Yes, at this game perhaps, but it is I that care for MY father most of the day, not the other way around. Maybe if you helped your folks out you wouldn’t have to find your self-esteem in gaming.” The kid simply logged off, as everyone in the chat had already had enough of him and completely tore into him. Mind you, age is irrelevant, I’ve seen teens act more mature than adults and vice-versa. Nonetheless, I can always spot a self-entitled teen mindset, I raised two stepsons.

WeMod is truly a godsend for more recreational players, and I can’t thank the creators enough for such a brilliant idea, having everything in one unified interface. Then again, that is why I went Pro, I wanted to support development. I was going to wait until next month, but I can tweak the budget a bit. Gaming is one of my few diversions, so WeMod has been a real “game changer”, literally!

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I gave Space Hulk: Deathwing Enhanced Edition yet another try today @Lorcian, and holy smokes it is extremely difficult, at least I think so. I played about 40 minutes and then said, “Nope, going to go play something else until there is a trainer for this one”. Not like I don’t have enough games to choose from.

So it is definitely not just you. Seems like the enemies are everywhere while you struggle to hit them. Forget an “Easy” mode, they should have put in an “uncoordinated” or “blind old fart” mode! By the time I even see where the enemy is, they’ve shot me all to heck. Still, I think it is an improvement over the original, despite the mixed reviews. I just am not very skilled at it.

It’s a tough ol’ Game. Have you played Santus Reach? I highly recommend it.

Indeed @Lorcian, I do have Sanctus Reach and the DLC, great game, though I haven’t had a lot of time to play it. I’ll have to put some more time into it, as it does seem like a great game. I’ve always enjoyed Warhammer 40K games (sans some lousy one-offs).