Spamming Glitch

I recently bought MGSV, and have been using Infinity with it. I tried to set a key for the “increased accuracy” cheat, and instead ended up with about 7 keys set for it, including E, I, L, N, R, and T. Now, whenever I boot up the game through infinity, or use infinity at all for the game, the increased accuracy cheat toggles on and off incessantly. Is there any way to fix this?

Just checked and if I press more than one key at the same time, I need to press them at the same time to activate it aswell.
So if I press E, I, L, N, the cheat won’t activate if only press E.
I think you probably tried to change the hotkeys again otherwise you wouldn’t be asking but you can try this:

It resets the cache and should clear of any custom hotkeys made