Spartacus Legends - What Does Everyone Think?

I haven’t played an XBL match or anything yet. Trying to get new stuff for my guy. I feel like you have to play A LOT or actually spend points to buy gold.

EDIT: So after playing more and reaching level 6 for fame this is what I’ve found.

  • There are multiple cities you can fight in which get harder as you progress (shows the difficulty when you go to them)
  • There are fights which can be replayed over and over again, but after you complete one you must wait about 2 mins until you can select it again (there are at least 4 in the first city so no worries, just select another).
  • Gets harder to rank up as you get higher like any other game (I’m at level 6 and it’s gonna take at least 8 fights or so with decent fame from each to rank up)
  • There’s a legendary gladiator fight after completing smaller fights against regular gladiators I guess. You earn a perk from each of these smaller fights which you can accept or decline (you can only have one perk at a time, not sure if accepting it removes your previous one, or just lets you take it, i’ve declined ones I got cuz they sucked and I didn’t want to lose mine). Removing perks costs two gold coins.
  • Gold can be purchased with MSP or by ranking up (you get about 2 from each rank up at first, only 1 for the first few ranks then goes to 2)
  • Silver is acquired by wining fights, main currency of game
  • Gold allows you to buy items before reaching the required rank/fame for the item. After reaching that rank for the item, it will be unlocked and purchasable with silver
  • You can kill/execute enemies by getting the fame bar next to you defense and health up all the way (doing good moves and using taunts raises it, try and taunt after knocking opponents down).
  • Getting killed/executed literally fishes off your character and you will lose this gladiator.
  • Disconnecting/not finishing fights can cause your character to be forfeited. I got a pop up after I got disconnected from two fights in the middle of them telling me my guy would be gone if it happened again. STUPID. I recommend waiting a few days until the servers are better I guess.
  • New gladiators can be purchased, some need silver, better ones with better stats usually need gold coins, they refresh every 30 mins or you can force it to refresh with 5 coins.
  • USE GOLD SPARINGLY. I recommend saving up

Is it free now??

Yeah it’s 2 GB on the marketplace, free to download

Been wanting to try this out it looked fun :smile:

Spartacus - Legends free game Xbox 360

And you can’t play it online so you depend on the servers which have been down all day, and people defend Microsoft with the online crap… oh yeah

It’s not bad for a free game but you have to play a lot to rank up I feel. Gold needs to be purchased, you get a little each time you rank up, and you get some silver every fight you win.

Basically sums up any game right now especially on Idevices if you wanna do well you have to invest no doubt there will be mods for this soon

So basically you have to be connected to the Spartacus Legends servers and XBL to play but you don’t have to play against other people if you dont want to. I was in the middle of a match and it disconnected me from their servers and I cant get back on now

Probably because the game just came out. It was like this when Doritos crash course 2 first came out just give it a day or two and it will be fine

Updated the OP with what I’ve found after playing the game tonight. Stopped playing and won’t go back on for at least a day because one more time I get disconnected during a fight and I will lose my gladiator. I got him to a rating of 72 and he’s only OK. Disconnects don’t count as losses so I’m still 20-0 with one kill/execution (they’re hard to do and to get the fame bar all the way up)

I’ve been trying to connect all day.
Haven’t been able to once.

It’s a free game obviously the servers are going to crash. They wouldn’t spend that much money on servers for a free game what did you expect for people not to get it the first day.

3 matches played this morning then I could never reconnect. The game has terrible servers along with a FR drop that messes you up pretty often and coming from ubisoft a huge game company I think it’s bs.

Did you not read the first two posts? I clearly said it was. The game was just released and it was never NOT free. They purposely made the game to be free. Idk why people are asking. It’s been free since it released I thought (at initial release maybe it wasn’t but I wasn’t up at 5 or 6am then)

Reminds me a lot like the old Browser Based Flash game Swords and Sandals.
Just with more selection, better graphics, and the one thing S&S was always missing… multiplayer.

Servers are buggy, takes its time to load, and outrageous MT.
(12000 MSP for 3000 GOLD COINS!!!)

Other than that, great game, and exactly what you should expect from another free arcade release.

Pretty cool game, just hate the fact that gold is really hard to get.
Plus I am not paying out 12000MSP for 3000 gold coins.
That is why I requested a save editor from the devs.

I’m guessing all saves are stored server-side, much like all the other free games, so an editor would most likely be out of the question.
Forgive me if I’m wrong, but there are no local saves on my HDD.

Although, there may be something in the .GPD that could help, much like people looking into Happy Wars.

EDIT: Just started up the game again, and it says at the start up screen that all saves are saved server-side. So, my guess is there will be no editor.

ANOTHER EDIT: Big heads up for Australian Players: Executions, Blood, and Gore have been Censored for being too Violent…

Considering I’m 20, I find this to be absolute horse ****.

I found a save on my HDD.
And wow that is s*** haha. censored gore at 20 years old.

Okay, another update for Aussies.
Simply changing your locale removes the censor.

System settings > Console settings > Language & Locale > Locale > United States.

Soooo much better to be able to actually see what’s going on.
Makes the game a whole lot more fun to play.

Server’s are down.

They have been down for me ever since the game came out?