Splinter Cell Blacklist - Mods?

I know the game just came out 5 hours ago but I was wondering if there will ever be any mods for single player like for the halo and cod games and gears. Thanks! :thumbsup:

Depending on how popular it is will determine if anyone makes up a tool for it
And if it keeps getting requested

O ok I won’t get my hopes up then lol.

You never know id give it a week…search google in the meantime …

Ok because i could use some help on that perfection mode lol - very hard!

Also if you find something before I do just pm me or post in thread, thank you.

You could always request it on here for the devs to look into making somesort of editor…
Just remember to tell them what youd want to mod in the game etc
Its under the tab horizon suggestions on the main page

Ok I will , thanks again!

I mainly need invincibility for single player.

there is allready a save editor for this game. I can’t link you but Google “Blacklist editor” and choose any link you want.

I mean, it really depends on if developers think that a tool for this game would be useful in any way.

Hey key ring can u pm me link if not no worries and is it easy to use?

I only see a money editor is this what you were talking about?

1 other thing is the money editor safe to use or is it unknow yet?

I hope they come out with more mods in the future.

There is mod tools, pre-modded savegames and trainers for it. check xpg.

whats xpg?

Nevermind I found the site on google.

What are trainers and is there invincibility for single player yet?

Cant figure how to open download maybe you can chat with me on xbox?

Do I need a jtag for this or can i do it on a regular xbox360?

Usually trainers are made for jtag xboxs…unless you dont. Have a jtag its useless to you aswell as myself

Yeah I don’t have Jtag so im pretty sure all i can do is use the money editor for now.

A friend of mine is going to post the Money Editor in a few hours. Don’t worry, I’ve tested it .=]

Good for other people but I have personally already found that just hoping they come out with more mods.

I really suck at single player lol I really hope good mods come out before xbox 1 is released.