Square Enix Asks What Game You Want It to Make Next

Square Enix is currently running a survey it says will help you shape the future of the company.

Most of the questions included in the survey are trying to figure out the company’s audience, what kind of media you consume and how, but it ends with one interesting question.

“What one game would you most want Square Enix to make in the future?” the company wants to know, and invites you to write in your own answer. Want to let Square Enix know that all you want from it is that current-generation remake of Final Fantasy VII? Well here’s your chance. Theoretically, you can also write in that you want Square Enix to make Half Life 3 next, though I doubt they’ll be able to do that for you.

According to the survey, Square Enix also wants to know what television channels you watch, which streaming services you use, what mobile devices you own, your level of interest in playing and watching eSports, and why you play games in the first place.

Exactly one year ago, Square Enix ran a similar survey focusing on the future of Kingdom Hearts, but we haven’t heard any news about that series since.

In other Square Enix news, the company recently announced the launch date for Final Fantasy XIV’s expansion, and let us get our hands on the Final Fantasy XV demo for the first time.

Source: http://www.gamespot.com/articles/square-enix-asks-what-game-you-want-it-to-make-nex/1100-6425781/


Guys i took the Survey hope to maybe see what i want remade or made or gets remade if you have that special game you would like to see now’s your chance.

They did that before. You could write in the survey for them to make half life 3 lol.

ya i heard about that never did it but power of voice is a great thing if companies just take the time and listen hey never know enough people may get to see some good remakes maybe or most wanted games made

Time to write about making FF7 remake again.

I’m probably in the minority here but I want a new Deus Ex game. Or a remake of the original.

I’d rather write to Square Soft.

A good developer would know where they want to explore creatively.

I want a cowboy RPG. Who wouldn’t want that.

Anything but Zombies!

I would like another Hitman, I absolutely loved Absolution.

We need a skateboard or BMX game. You know what? How about BMX and skateboard in ONE?! Best of both worlds.

Another murdered soul suspect! The game got poor reviews and the studio that made it closed, so it’s very unlikely, but I loved that game soo much! Reminded me of heavy rain in a way.

I always wondered why any “Skateboarding” game developer never added the option to be a skater or bmxer or even both. I would absolutely love a game based around skateboarding and bmxing.

I just want Final Fantasy XV.

What?! That game was great, the only problem was it was too short. I never knew the studio closed that sucks.