Squirreltemp wemod Move Installation

Hello, is there away to tell the wemod install where to install? or change the location of all the squirreltemp files it leaves behind, I started having issues with C: drive space and after hours of searching it was all wemod and squirreltemp files, I went thru every drive and deleted anything/everything wemod, done clean install but seen no option to have it install on diff drive, how can I get wemod and associated files moved?


Typically, the installation location and options for WeMod or any other software are determined by the installer itself. WeMod doesn’t offer a built-in option to change the installation location. In such cases, the software is usually installed in the default location, which is often the C: drive.

To address the issue, you can try contacting WeMod’s support team directly for assistance. support@wemod.com They should be able to provide guidance on how to change the installation location or manage the associated files to free up space on your C: drive. They may also be able to help you with any specific steps required to relocate the WeMod files to a different drive.

Remember to explain your situation and provide them with relevant details to receive the most accurate assistance.