SRL Record book exploit

Free stuff for me

From what I have been reading/hearing, this glitch doesn’t hand out “Free Loot”. You still have to complete the challenges and then return to the store. This enables you to complete the challenges and turn them in without having to purchase the Record Book. This will reward you with Loot upon completing bounties etc.

I can’t say for sure as haven’t tried it myself.

I got the exclusive sparrow, shader, arms, and chest from it, didn’t have to pay a single penny on silver to get it. Free loot lol

Edit: I now have everything in the book

I tried doing this last night after a reddit post but didn’t know you had to click on each option. Gonna go check it out and see if its still working

They fixed it so you have to have the book to equip the items. You can still have them in your inventory, you just can’t equip them until you get the book.

Yeah I got them right before the hotfix happened.