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Stalker clear sky

fsgame.ltx clear sky. am i the only one who doesn’t have this? online you can find how to fix this and i tried but i dont have this thing at all can someone send the clear version of it to me through somewhere?

No, it’s a well-known bug with the S.T.A.L.K.E.R games. The common fix is to make a change to a .txt file in the game directory. Another common fix is to change how you launch the game. These are both explained in the links below. :slight_smile:

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setup has detected version unknown installed.this update can be applied only to version world wide…so i tried to download it from few diffrent places and retail version aswell this game is 1.5.10 version,i didnt buy it

This is a major reason why you’re having this issue. Cracked games do have critical files missing or have had critical files played around with too much by the crackers that they’re unstable.

This game is cheap on Steam at £7.99 (GBP), $9.99 (USD), €9.99 (EUR).
It’s also currently 70% off on GOG (£2.49 GBP / ~ $3.07 USD). That’s very cheap for a game of this size. ( I refuse to believe that you can’t afford £2.49/$3.07. If you can’t, do some chores in your neighbourhood like car washing or lawn mowing.

Since you didn’t purchase the game, WeMod cannot provide you with further support.