Stand For Justice

This shut it down stuff needs to stop. All these people are doing is ruining other peoples day that have nothing to do with whats going on. I don’t consider breaking laws a “peaceful” protest.

I agree tbh NO ONE CARES anymore mike brown is dead there’s no bringing him back its done and over with just move on these people didnt even know the kid. These “peaceful” protesters do nothing but make the average day citizens life harder getting to and from work and in some places they protested violently breaking stores. thats jobs everyones losing because of stupidity. The POLICE dont care if you like them or not nothing is going to change and obama sure isnt gonna do anything as he has other **** to deal with.

dude I know what u are talking about but what if it was your brother? or mom but i think that all this protest is dumb and just a way for ppl to rob and steal and kill if they want peace STOP ROBING DAM STORES non of this would have started if he didn’t rob and not stop when the cop said to stop… not trying to be racist

why would you be considered racist? you’re saying exactly what happened. Michael Brown committed a crime, assaulted a police officer, and went for his gun. the coroner confirmed that the shots were shot in self defense with the angle they were fired at. and there was also gun powder residue on his thumb

eric garner’s case on the other hand is different. there is tons of evidence pointing to an illegal chokehold, and him calling out that he could not breathe

The choke hold wasn’t illegal, it was against department policy. Those are two very different things… Also by him saying he cant breathe actually showed that he could breathe.

That does not change the fact that he got choked to death. Obviously we can’t talk if we can’t breathe, but he mean it as “I have trouble breathing properly, can you please stop choking me”.

The whole situation is pathetic and he was arrested for selling illegal cigarettes. He did not fight back only resist arrest. This could have been handled very calmly, without audience.

I wont get into a whole discussion about it but he could have went very calmly if he put his hands behind his back when asked to do so… resisting is the same as fighting back, doesn’t have to throw punches. It’s not like that was his first time being arrested and the local store owners were always calling the cops on him. A lot of people say they can’t breathe and when the officer lets up they try and get the upper hand to get away.

I just wish the news would report the facts and a lot of this protesting stuff would never have happened. and Ferguson wouldn’t be a **** hole.

Not True. When you take a normal breath you breathe in and out you are breathing about 500ml of air. After breathing out, you are left with ~2400ml of air inside your lungs, this is the Functional Reserve Capacity. If you try to force out as much air as possible, you can still force out ~1200ml more air. This is the Expiratory Reserve Volume. This is air you are able to speak with even if you cannot take a normal breath. Important Note: Notice that the Expiratory Reserve Volume is more than twice the size of a normal breath. That is a lot of air you are able to force out, and a lot of speaking you can do even if you can’t breathe.

The lungs work on negative pressure. So, your lungs, when you breathe in, are at a lower pressure than the outside air. This draws the air into them. This is caused by your diaphragm and intercostal muscles. Your lungs are very elastic, and will move back to their normal size during exhalation. This is where the problem begins for officers. If you are kneeling on a suspect, or you have them handcuffed on the ground so that they are on their chest, there is a strong possibility that you can cut off their ability to breathe. Once the lungs begin to exhale, they collapse, but if you they are being pressed down on by body weight, they may not be able to re-expand. They then continue to collapse, forcing out the Functional Reserve Capacity of air, but not drawing in a new breath. So, your suspect may be pleading for breath, they may actually be incapable of drawing one in.

Why argue with them, anarchy sounds like a great idea, much safer! :laughing: JK

Can I sit down for justice? I’ve been standing all day.

Both parties are now in the wrong.

I think the guy that died from getting choked was wrong to kill him but he was not letting the police put him to jail but they did not have to kill him but all this needs to stop they are just protesting so they can rob steal and kill and have anyone seen that any white guy that dies from a police man the same way never gets on the tv or never starts a protest but when a black person gets killed they blam the police its just sick if everyone in the worlds wants respect u need to earn it by not stealing or killing we all need to stop thinking that we can walk throw a gun shot when we cant…