STAR WARS Empire at War - Gold Pack Cheats and Trainer for Steam

Could we get an update for this? @MrAntiFun If at all possible no rush I know you guys are busy


yeah, that would be cool <3


The steam version of the forces of corruption trainer works only if you play skirmish it will not work in galactic conquest.

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Hi, The Steam Version of Star Wars Empire at War are not working. I have double checked everything. can they be put on the list to be updated?

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I have same problem of others, once you started the game and try to activate the cheats it don’t work.
Unlimited health and Unlimited units capacity don’t work in the trainer

please update this trainer, would be really nice!!

Agreed ^^

Only Ressources works AND PC ENEMY also has Unlimited Ressources this is bullshit

Please be a bit nicer, there maintaining thousands of games, why don’t you try to maintain thousands of trainers.

I never really have a problem with only the unit and health not working. Truth be told I have fun regardless of it not working cause it keeps you on your toes and think stratigicly so you can continue to know how it feels to do these types of games without the cheats. @MrAntiFun keep up the amazing work and take your time. I know doing all the updates and making new cheats for various games can be taxing, but I hope you and the others take breaks and rest days so you don’t overwork yourselves.

i wish it would stop being pushed back

The STAR WARS Empire at War - Gold Pack cheats have been updated!


  • Bug fixes and game compatibility improvements

thank you so much

some of the bigger ships on both sides take damage and die even when the UH cheat is on still everything else works perfectly fine

Yeah I’m having the same problem with my Star Destroyers and Cruisers also taking damage and being destroyed with Unlimited Health on. Also if I can make a new mod suggestion, Unlimited Population Cap so I can build more ships and train more troops without worrying about reaching the max population cap?

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The cheat unlimited health does not work good, capital ships can be easily destroyed. This need an update please, the Gold pack

The 3 cheats do not work for Steam EAW Gold Pack campaign or galactic single player. Tried both launching the game from Wemod as well as launching the game normally and then launching the trainer. Launching the game from Wemod also gives the error “May not be compatible with your game”.

The unlimited health and unlimited units mods don’t work. unlimited recources does.

Hey mate any chance of a 2022 update for this? The mods are amazing but the infinate unit cap doesn’t work anymore and I was hoping you’d be able to find a way to fix it. Thank you for making this btw