STAR WARS Empire at War - Gold Pack (Forces Of Corruption) Cheats and Trainer for Steam

lmao… You missed the time when this was said already but taken down cuz its all fine? EVEN THO the testers found bugs? Ye I mean sure keep believing it will be fixed.
11 days no update regarding an utterly broken trainer pretty much only inf money works properly nothing else FOR MONTH

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WeMod is losing my appreciation
First this then whats next.

please fix the mod

This desperatley needs an update the only cheat that reliably works is infinite resources, though it being set to 99,999 obviously restricts you from buying anything that costs more than that wihout disabling it first. Infinite shields appears to work sometimes but can be disabled still by ion torpedoes or cannons and can be penetrated by proton torpedoes largley making it useless without the infinite health cheat( which doesn’t work) .An unlimited units cheat would also be much appreciated, thanks.

Infinite health does not appear to be working for ground troops in either EaW or FoC. I’ve made sure to turn off any mods and test just the base game, but the problem persists. I am not noticing this issue in space battles.

a mod suggestions infinite hard point health for ships and bases or something along those lines

Fun fact… thats how infinite health worked before

what made it change then cos it should go back to that as it would solve all problems

Idk, maybe unwilligness or incapablity todo so after 64bit who knows. Maybe its bugged maybe it was intended

I figured it out. You have to set the game to Steam FoC (if you’re using that of course) and enable cheats after the game starts for them to work. I haven’t tried it with the base game, but all cheats work with mods both on grounds and space. Infinite shields, hard points, and money!

Chalk it up to the dropdown menu being not easily noticed, but it works fine!

Since when? Cuz I tested it yesterday and hardpoints still went to hell. Shields quasi worked.

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he hasn’t figured it out

The mod never protected all the hardpoints of bigger ships. It protects the hull. Your stations, cruisers, and frigates can take unlimited damage with the mod turned on properly. They won’t be able to shoot however. The new unlimited shields mod helps with this as they can now only be harmed by warheads and other weapons that bypass shields. For best results, use smaller ships that don’t have true hardpoints or just mass hyperspace fighters.

Edit: I hadn’t fought a large number of bombers etc when I first saw that it worked. Hardpoints was a premature observation. As things stand, even a level 1 station can take on a whole armada as long as it pops out some bombers and corvettes.

Any news or has the fix been abandoned?

i really hope not

I understand and do apologize if you haven’t received any updates on this matter. Please know that our dedicated team is working to identify and address the issue more effectively. If possible, please provide a short clip showing the issue you’re experiencing. This would be greatly appreciated, and I will ensure it gets passed along to them. Thank you for being so patient.

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I am a bit confused my wemod says recently updated. But its still the same version.
And the issue is still the same unlimited health not affecting ship and vehicle hardpoints like before the update last november. I am pretty sure it doesnt need a 2nd clip. The issue has already been provided multiple times.

You might be using the Steam only trainer. Please ensure you currently utilize the Steam Forces of Corruption version. See the image below. Also, have followed the Read before playing notes.

I am not… which brings us back to Hardpoints and therefor unlimited health still broken. As stated multiple times. Its NOT working as it did before nov 2023

I can confirm that hardpoints are not still not effected by Unlimited health.


Aynthing new or still nothing? Because its now nearly 7 month and its starting to get annoying and I mean really annoying