STAR WARS Jedi: Survivor Cheats and Trainer for Steam

Yeah, i literally do not want to play it without unlimited force. so i guess i cant play my game till this gets solved

Hi @GreenHouse

How much does it cost to request for more options? Do you think it’s possible to have an option for Auto-parry and Unlimited Air dash?



@GreenHouse Could you please let us know if you’re working on an update to address the crashing? Thanks.

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Anyone know which part of the debug menu that we can look at for the fish tank state? I’ve started an NG+ playthrough without collecting any fish in the first main playthrough. Now in NG+ playthrough I have collected 10 fishes, and it’s still Dirty. There has to be a field in the debug menu that we can flag the different tank state?

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Will there be anything added in regards to priorite or any of the other stuff you use to purchase customizations? Will the debug customization options under the debug settings eventually cover the colour options as well?

It would be nice if we get some sort of indication that the issues with this trainer aren’t being completely ignored.


Cool, I guess this trainer has been abandoned then. Wonderful.

Been a week, and it’s clear that @GreenHouse has decided to ignore this topic.

Could someone else put something together, thanks?

I forgot how to boost a trainer, is there still a way? It is a shame. I played the game a little bit and decided to come back when they had mostly patched out the launch issues. Now the trainer doesn’t work and has been forgotten. Sad. It says a lot about the game too I guess, studios pay a big price when they release a game before it is ready nowadays.

It’s not being ignored. It’s been tested multiple times by different people, with different combinations of mods active, running the app on the Main Menu or in-game, etc. Not a single time there has been a crash. The entire trainer code has been checked and everything is correct. Reports of crashes all crash at different points, so they don’t show a specific mod that would be causing it. So I don’t really know what to say, as I pretty much can’t do much else.
Have you maybe changed something from the game on your end? Or added mods? Or anything that could interfere with the trainer? Have you tried verifying the game files on Steam? Made sure that you’re using the latest trainer version? (Click on ‘History’ under ‘PLAY’ and make sure that 5/17/23 is selected.)

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Oh, so the various people that are reporting crashes and have experienced them are all wrong? What are you trying to say here? Running the game with your trainer active has repeatedly caused a CTD, running the game without doesn’t. What conclusion would you draw?

Have I changed anything on my end? Besides the patches put out by the developers? No.
Have I got mods on it? No.
Anything that could interfere with the trainer? Nothing that I could think of.
Have I verified the files on Steam? First thing I tried.
Latest trainer version? Of course.

Pour moi, tout fonctionne….

Attention aux cartes graphiques AMD qui auraient actuellement des problèmes de driver et de fuite de mémoire. Or les fuites de mémoire sont des sources d’instabilité ne supportant pas les mods. Wemod ou non, peu importe.

Si Nvidia, mettre à jour les pilotes. Vérifier aussi votre version de Framework.NET

I did do an update of the drivers via the control panel as well.

I’ve just uninstalled and re-intalled the game, and downloaded the latest NVIDIA driver, so I’ll see how it goes.

lol, crashed as soon as it loaded.

Tried running it without the trainer, ran fine. It’s definitely the trainer causing the crash.

its lost treasure debug

ya welcome

Thought for a second you were replying to my post. Can’t say I’d have thought of the “lost treasure debug” to stop the crashing, lol.

Try to desactivate your antivirus ?