Star wars KOTOR series

I wouldnt mind seeing trainers for KOTOR and KOTOR 2

Infinite Health
Add Credits
Add Attribute Points
Add Skill Points
Add Feat Points
Unlimited Items

Add Credits
Infinite Health
Unlimited Skill Points
Unlimited Feat Points
Unlimited Items
Infinite Force


Hell yes, a KOTOR series trainer would be awesome.

If only one of the people who make the Trainers would agree enough

For real, I think a Total War series trainer would be awesome but idk to suggest to add except for money and intsta build stuff in the queue, but seeing as you can do those with console commands i dont think they’d make it.

Go ahead and suggest it, they have stuff for games like fallout which has console commands, I sometimes look at other Trainers to find good features to suggest

you can do pretty much all of this with console commands…

Fallout 4 is the same but it has a trainer, also using commands in KOTOR I have had issues hence wanting a trainer

fallout 4 has a trainer i’d guess because it was brand new and a lot of people were/are interested in the game and there was/is a lot of hype for the game.

@stn @reppin @STiNGERR

I shall summon them anyway to look upon your request.

i think a trainer for at least KOTOR2 would be great since the cheats are invisible when enter them which makes it really difficult to know if it worked or not

Initial release date: July 15, 2003 o_O

Does it even run on win10?

Yea, they both do

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Alright, added to my list but don’t expect anythong soon. Lots of games on my list already.

I think i am going to make a thread mentioning the games i am working on and games in my list and expected release dates so you guys know when to expect them.

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Good idea, all the trainer developers should do it

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I agree. Would stop us regulars from requesting trainers already planned. New users would probably not look at the list though.

IMO putting detailed release dates for unfinished trainer are a bad idea. Maybe be a little vague, e.g “next week”, instead of “20:39 1/5/2016”.

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But that’s why we are regulars who can help to newer members

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the infamous list

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I would love KotOR I & II trainers. As stated before, the in-game console is a pain to use, as it’s invisible and difficult to tell if it worked/had a typo/is even pulled up and ready for typing.

Since it is something I actually play, if you know how to use Cheat Engine then just create a simple injection script at

swkotor2.exe+207172: 8B 4D B8  - mov ecx,[ebp-48]
swkotor2.exe+207175: 83 E9 01 - sub ecx,01

ecx is the current item counter (grenades, stims, med-packs/etc) for that little code segment. Do with that as you will.

ps. its for KOTOR II - Steam Version

no idea how to do that

Item usage (ie shields)

swkotor2.exe+2072B7: 7C 12 - jl 006072CB
swkotor2.exe+2072B9: 8B 55 F8  - mov edx,[ebp-08]
swkotor2.exe+2072BC: 2B 55 EC  - sub edx,[ebp-14]
swkotor2.exe+2072BF: 8B 85 48FFFFFF  - mov eax,[ebp-000000B8]
// ---------- INJECTING HERE ----------
swkotor2.exe+2072C5: 89 90 98020000  - mov [eax+00000298],edx
// ---------- DONE INJECTING  ----------
swkotor2.exe+2072CB: C7 45 F4 00000000 - mov [ebp-0C],00000000
swkotor2.exe+2072D2: EB 09 - jmp 006072DD

You need to watch the stack, since the two can conflict with each other