Star Wars VII Trailer

Personally, I think this was an epic trailer, and it gave me goosebumps. I am so excited for this move. What do you guys think? Also how about that lightsaber!

I too am excited for the movie, but it doesn’t release until December 2015 so we have some time to wait!


I’ve only seen pieces of each movie, so it didn’t really mean anything to me… Maybe I should catch up with them

Is this a real trailer? Because lol at the first two parts…I still remember seeing Samuel L Jackson getting his hand cut off back in episode 3

Yep, real trailer lol, JJ Abrams has a different way of showing us what he is doing than other producers I guess lol. :smile:

Hahaha ok…I wonder why they started the series at 4, but later made 1, 2, and 3…

Because they didn’t think they had the right technology to properly show off 1,2 and three. So they started on 4.

I like this one better :smile:

Oh yeah, this one by far superior. :wink:

Not sure what to think of it. Need to see more. The lightsaber looks like a cross. Meh.

Open Me

…I’m not saying it’s the greatest series ever, but it’s hard to believe when someone says they’ve never seen Star Wars; whether you’re a Sci-Fi fan or not.

Looks awesome. Cant wait to see it.

I know, this is by far the easiest set of movies to sit down and watch. They are very enjoyable! :smiley:

Who wrote the “episode”? Because the beginning looks (no offence) ****ed up… was that a football-droid? :laughing:

Like I said, I’m not stating that Star Wars or movies alike are the greatest movies, but it seems as if the reason some people don’t watch those kind of movies is because they can’t follow a story. (ex: I have a buddy that hasn’t seen or isn’t willing to see Lord of the Rings because he just feels as if the series is dumb. How can one call something dumb if you haven’t seen a single film within the series?)

(ex: When Guardians of the Galaxy was releasing I was invited to go see it with a group of friends, but I had no interest because I had zero knowledge of the story/group/comic/background. Granted, I had read good reviews regarding the movie and love Marvel/DC movies, but I didn’t want to spend the $10-12 (USD) on a movie in which I couldn’t get into because I was lost on everything. Long story short, months after the movie’s release and it being offered for download via one of the many torrent sites, I downloaded the movie, had a huge comic book friend come over and watch the movie with me, and loved every minute of it!)

There are more reasons then that to not view a movie… Some people judges the movie “by its cover” while some hate the type of movie in general. But still, its pretty annoying when someone talks bad about something they are yet to experiance.

Especially when that something has won many awards…

(ex: I may not have played any of the games within the Assassin Creed series, but I don’t say it isn’t worth a purchase.)

I know what you mean man. I also thought the same thing about Guardians of the Galaxy and then when I saw it I fell in love with the move. I really love movies like this. I also understand what you are saying about your friend not want to watch Lotr because I have a friend that says the same exact thing. I guess it is all up to someones personal preferences and if they are willing to step outside their movie comfort zone in order to find a new liking.

All of this is out of my generation but in defense of all your guys points, I have seen a couple of them and I have played starwars game before. I just don’t like it but for what it is the trailer looks good from what I have seen.

Not sure if serious, but if so, that is not true.