Starbound Cheats and Trainer for Steam

love the table! wish there was a way for unlimited mech energy tho

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I find myself wishing for an updated/working version of the cheats in the old FLING trainer. The “no darkness” was basically /fullbright without having to go /admin. Items not decreasing was always fun, and I frankly prefer items getting boosted to 250 over the -1 bit.

this trainer sometimes work, and sometimes doesnt work and also making the game crashes after playing a while…
any info about the update ? its been a a year and still no update ?


everything just doesnt activate no error no nothin thats all

Note:It did say PLAYING

Same as Redfromamongus. says playing, cheats activated but they do not do anything

Same as Redfromamogus and xpsycobunnyx. Says playing, cheats active, no effect whatsoever

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Requires update or fixing as cheats are super inconsistent on whether they work or not

Edit: To quickly help anyone who is having this issue, a possible fix is for you to load into your game and activate the cheats, wait a minute or two and you may be lucky enough to find the cheats finally work. Patience is key.

Might be out of date. Haven’t gotten it to work since I first tried it yesterday.

None of the cheats work so it might be out of date or maybe it’s just me


I’ve been having issues for reliably having my cheats work.

Issues include:
Infinite Stamina not instantly taking affect. Not sure if there’s any threshold i need to meet before it takes affect. (i.e. using an stamina based item or warping to a specific place)

Infinite Health not immediately activating, though normally will activate without fail after a small bit of damage.

Unlimited Pixels sometimes crashing when using pixels to buy stuff. generally need to disable it before i buy anything or do anything with pixels.

If anyone has any solutions for these, i’d love to hear them.


Please update, it causes huge memory leak when activated.


Thee cheats don’t seem to work at all, oxygen was lost, health was lost after the oxygen was lost, and energy levels went down.


update please :frowning:

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No update for two and a half years, despite a whole thread of people asking for it.

Oh and no, nothing on this trainer works anymore. Not a thing.


We need an Update :frowning:

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Please update, the trainer does not work.

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Please update

I dont know if anyone is still having Issues with the Starbound trainer but its working for me. Pixels and all.