StarCraft II Cheats and Trainer

pls update it, they suddenly made an anticheat update, when u only click Play in WeMod ur game ruins completely, save file becomes corrupted, and it says “Map version you used before and wanting to load now are different” and just kicks u in main menu, also none of the mods are working

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@MrAntiFun hi! Could you please update the mods

Thank you in advence :smiley:

The StarCraft II cheats have been updated!


  • Bug fixes and game compatibility improvements

Thank you very much! :slight_smile:

The cheats being used are based off of the built-in game cheats by Starcraft 2, the only difference is that there’s no text that activates the cheat and achievements aren’t disabled for using it, possibly by removing a trigger to disable achievements. There does exist credit giver and research max cheats, but there doesn’t exist Kerrigan level cheats (I believe it was explained by someone that Kerrigan’s level is hard-coded, so modifying it without extreme care would break her entirely), nor Solarite.
Conclusion: Unless the mod maker goes a step further and makes an entire new cheat, which would definitely trigger Blizzard’s anti-cheat, there will more than likely never exist cheats for those campaigns.

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i cant use the mods at all cause even when i put the exe file in the game place it says it cant find the game open even when the game is open.

Hi, have you tried launching the game first without WeMod? Once in the game, switch to WeMod and press 'Play' on the trainer. See if it works.

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I think there is a bug will cause game crash
When I playing the first mission of Heart of the Swarm,when I encounter gas emitting turrets
the game just crash and I tried three times and it always crash

Good evening. Ive been a user of SC2 trainer, it was actually the reason I got it in the first place.
Thank you for the work you’ve done on this.
I have a request.
topic: Arcade’s unlimited resources.
On some arcade games. some developers use a different value of resources so the “unlimited resource” button does not work.

Games like, " Mineralz Survival "
they use a red, purple, green, blue, orange, and yellow. They go by the names of "Lapis Crystal, Ruby Crystal, Malachite Crystal, Sulfur Crystal, Amethyst Crystal, and Calcite Crystal.

I’m not sure about other games on arcade mode. but this game is the only reason I have wemod lol. I would 100% love if you were to add those values to the unlimited resource button. I don’t know how to get the values for them tho. I would help you out if I knew how.

Arcade mode is online-only last I checked.

no it’s not. you can save games in arcade mode, that has saves through save files. and play offline.

once you download/play an arcade game. you can offline play it anytime you want.

They changed it then. I got banned for cheating in arcade games 3 years ago.