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The game crashes when you load/save the game.
I think its like that for everyone.

What @blackbook said earlier is what comes up on the screen.
C# Compiler is not responding.

Cant show you at the moment but i got the newest version from steam.
Believe its 1.11 yes.

Cant say more atm, im not home on my PC so i can show screenshots


I get that it gives an error. but if the mods have corrupted the save file then i need to have an idea about which mods the users were using mostly and after how much progress their save got corrupted. Unfortunately after some gameplay i wasnt able to replicate the issue.


I have never gotten my save corrupted by using the trainer.

Only thing i know is that error is comming.
And since it save every night, it means we cant play for long before it crashes. Is there a possible fix for that error at least?

For the corruption of save file you must ask someone else i guess. Because its not happen to me.


You can have a look at

Try this suggestion if you have any automated backup file of the save files

Your save file only has NULL values in it and cannot be fixed.
Do you have a backup? If not,
Try right clicking within the
folder then hit properties, then under the previous versions tab, see if there are any previous version of your save file.
If there is nothing there, I am sorry, you will have to start over.
I suggest making backups next time.
Also there is a save editor you can use to help get some of your progress back:


I am also having the issue that @MrPrecise mentioned, the C# Compiler not responding when I click the load button, as well as the game crashing after i create a new character and try to enter the game. All of this is happening on v1.11.


I’d like to start by saying i love infinity and in the past used horizon religiosly. So to the problem Whenever i use infinity to launch stardew valley i get the error (included in the image) that the Visual C# command line compiler has stopped working. This only happens whenever i try to either access saved games or whenever a saving screen happens.The problem is only when the game is ran through infintity, ive tried w/o and it works. If any additional info is required ill be glad to supply. Thanks!


Can you send me your save files? it would be in this folder



Hey man, I can attach my save file, but I dont think the file itself is the issue. When I click load game, it just says there are no files to load. When I play the game without infinity though the file is there and loads and saves just fine. It can’t seem to locate the save files, and crashes the game when trying to do so. Also like everyone else said, even when you start a new game, as soon as the first cutscene is over it tries to auto save and crashes. Also, what program do use to view/edit the game files? When I try to open mine it’s just blank :slight_smile:

edit It says the file type is not authorized when I try to upload my save, so maybe I can’t do that for you :frowning:

Thank you for your time,
aka DebonairGaming


Any update here? :’(




it gives me error code 9 i have my anti malware thingy off and im runing it in admin mode help?


Run the icdv2 tool - - ICDV2.bat -


listen here man i really dont know how to run stuff and code stuff sso please simple stuff man cuz im a simple man sorry


Download that file and open it
Has nothing to do with code stuff it’s maybe 2 buttons you have to press


i just relised it


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nah didnt do the job


game keep crashing


So it gives you error 9 and then it crashes? or now is crashing? do you have it in steam or “free DRM”?


2)* Run ICDV2 tool -

  • Go to your %appdata%/Daring Development\Infinity folder and delete it. The cache is corrupted

3)install again.