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Stardew Valley Cheats and Trainer for Steam


Probably. The trainers in Infinity are made to work with the latest legitimate version of the game (usually steam but sometimes other DRMs). Of course, there is a small time gap between game updates and trainer updates.

Sometimes pirated version works but they would need to be the right version and not be altered too much.


ok, thank you for the trouble, now I’ll be more careful about the versions of the games


the error has been fixed, what should I do?


Push the play button then ?
Play the game?


The cheats keep deactivating as soon as I activate them


Imma give it a shot n see if that happens to me too or not…
EDIT: btw remember to not start the cheat until ur in the game.
EDIT: couldnt find any issues with it, but maybe i got lucky. Did u read the warning when u started the mod?


So the unlimited health cheat doesn’t work. Sometimes it does but most of the time even when it’s toggled on, I still get damage. Wondering what’s going on. Thanks!


Unlimited health and energy don’t seem to be working consistently for me as well.


So there’s a beta for the new version, which will likely mean an update needed at some point or another - I’m currently at work still, and will check when I have a chance, but if anyone wants to check, the code for the beta is “jumpingjunimos”.


So with the beta activated, none of the trainer’s mods work. They ‘activate’ then deactivate a couple of seconds later.


Don’t use the beta


Yep It’s beta for 1.3 update to the game, which adds a co-op aspect to the game. They are working on it still and I joined it to check out everything. It’s really cool, but you gotta trust the people you’re playing with, in case of trolls. I was watching Lirik and Giantwaffle play together the other day and they were trolling hard as hell.


Pls update :slight_smile:


Hello, this trainer is nice but the cheats do not work anymore :c ,what i mean is by me they turn themself off again and i cant even use time frezze. I hope this is a little bug that you can fix it ^^. thanks for reading that…


I think the treiner needs an update… It deactivates the cheats on its own. Thanks :smiley:


This trainer is NOT meant for the multiplayer Beta!

After saying that, I’m sure once everything is out of Beta, this will get an update, just wait for a few.
If you ARE playing the beta and want to change some things around using Cheat Engine, you can duplicate your items, freeze your energy, and add money very easily.


Only cheat that works for me is health.


Are you using it with the Multiplayer Beta?


no I’m using it singleplayer.


What I mean is, did you update to the beta, or are you still on the last stable version?

It works perfectly fine on the Stable version, just tested it.

This does NOT work on the Beta version, even in single player, so if you updated and it says [Beta] After the game in your Steam library, just wait until the Beta is over. You could also remove yourself from the beta and it will work.