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Stardew Valley Cheats and Trainer for Steam


Will this trainer work in the Stardew Valley multiplayer (beta or not)? Because im playing with friend and we trying to get a little help with the money cuz were stuck xD nice job guys keep like this btw i love you



So I’m not sure if this is just an issue on my end or something else, but upon opting out of the beta and attempting to use the trainer in singleplayer it doesn’t actually activate. I can use Infinity to start the game and have the program come up, but the trainer itself never starts. It just constantly has the loading icon next to play and nothing happens no matter how long I wait.


Nvm I got mine to work. I ended up needing to reinstall infinity. I believe what happened was while updating infinity something went wrong because as soon as I reinstalled it, it worked absolutely fine.


Yeah I’m having that same problem right now, I’ll see if it will fix reinstalling


Nope it just crashes everytime I try to make a new game


Works great with the current game version


If possible, instant catch or something for fishing would be greatly appreciated. Thank you for making this!


It works don’t worry


that cheats don’t work my game is crashing…


STINGERR help pls


i don’t like that cheats because not work :confused:


Would it be possible to add Auto-Success Fishing to the list of cheats? Or maybe some sorta bullet time/slow down so the super fast fish are slightly easier to catch?


why for me the only thing that works is the unlimited health the rest when active back and the speed of the player also does not work


latest version 9 May 2018 works in version 1.3.19?


So the cheats seem to work for the most part. My only complaint at the moment is about the max skills cheat. I had the skills menu opened, alt tabbed out, activated the cheat, alt tabbed back in and it looked like it worked. My skills were at 10, however when I went to bed that night, I got a level up that gave me 11 in foraging and mining and none of the crafting recipes unlocked for it either.


im using the 1.3 beta version ( multiplayer) of the game, and nothing works, when it says it’s “on” it automaticaly go “off” i think it’s because the beta version, by thanks i love your work…

if you need more info , let me know


No wont need any more info. No support for mulitiplayer. These are made for singleplayer game


So there won’t be anymore trainers for stardew?


The Stardew Valley cheats have been updated!


  • Bug fixes and game compatibility improvements

Please post in this topic if you run into any issues!