Stardew Valley Cheats and Trainer for Steam

I am using the beta version. those cheats are not there. as a community mod, you have been reported for spreading false info to paying customers. You, sir or ma’am, are wrong. those cheats havent been there for a long time, even in beta. there are OLD versions, but nothing works. please check your info before you post as EVERYONE ELSE is seeing them gone. Like… notice how everyone is asking for them? for months? because they are gone?

Did you select the older version of the trainer also?

I have tried them, yes. i have tried every version with those cheats, and it just tells me its for the 32-bit version, or it just greys out all cheats that aren’t in the current set. I have been trying for MONTHS, since the update. Something about a 32-bit and a 64-bit version. Maybe you have a 32-bit? they DO have the cheats from what i can tell. But as the modern world runs in 64-bit…

The one cheat I miss is the time stop. I can take time to fish or harvest or grow or mine, but what’s the point when the days don’t last long enough to really get into something and get good at it. The fishing cheat would be nice too, but again, that’s a skill that can be gained. I cannot gain a skill to slow down the game time.

You need to use the 32 bit version of the game by switching to it in the Steam beta section. The cheats may or may not work with that version. Assuming they didn’t change anything and simply moved it to a different branch, there is no reason they shouldn’t. However, if they updated some of the code when they did so, then the cheats may not work.

How do i do that? I was looking for that option just the other day but google told me that steam only gives the version of windows that’s installed (from their forums and a moderator).

Right click the game in steam > Properties > Betas

One has to turn on the beata options in steam as well. NOW lets see if they work.

Maybe its the cheat version, but only some work. Time stop does though, so this solves MY problem.

For others watching, the resolve for this atm is to go to steam, under the steam drop down, go to settings, and enable the beta. If you didn’t have it on, it will make you update and install the beta. Then just like this guy said, you have to go to the game in your library, right click and go to properties. under the options on the window on the left is beta, and there is a drop down that lets you select the 32-bit version.

This gets some of the old cheats working from past versions. Testing which one is best will take time, but it seems to be working. As i’m typing this, the game is unpaused and my time is stopped at 6:50 AM.

I can’t play the 32 bit version, the game doesn’t work.

What exactly does it say or do?

Is it just me or did there used to be an option for instant catch fish? I’ve tried the whole SMAPI & InstantFishCatch but I can’t seem to get it to work (I’m just not that savvy) so I was really hoping WeMod would be able to help me out

infinite items won’t work, items decreasing, version 1.5.6
would you check it please? thanks a lot

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I am playing right now. ‘Unlimited Items’ does work, along with every other mod for me. ‘Unlimited Items’ is a bit specific though… so it will not work for items that do not stack(be careful with items attached to fishing rod/slingshot/etc), but anything stackable should work just as intended as per info: “Consume an item once then activate the cheat”.

‘Max Skills’ is a bit tricky also, as it will artificially boost your skills without unlocking passives. Because of this, this is the only cheat I do not enable.

‘Unlimited Money’ works… but I recommend the following order:

  1. enable cheat… wait for G(money) value to change to 99999999.
  2. disable the cheat.
  3. spend money on something to change the G value to be lower than 99999999.
  4. sleep to save the game.
  5. all remaining money*(G)* will now remain in your wallet.

hope this helps :wink:

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Hey there you legend you. Any way of adding a time mod to slow or freeze the insanely fast in-game clock? Thanks for reading :slight_smile:

I still wish we had that easy catch fish mod as that made my life a little easier