Stardew Valley Cheats and Trainer for Steam

Can the request include immediate crop growth? thanks

A temp fix I have found for the max skills mod is

  1. Use the mod make sure your skills are at 10 then go to sleep.

  2. When you wake up exit the game and startup without Wemod on.

  3. Go to sleep again and you should get all the recipes and skill upgrades.

  4. When you play the game without the mods on if you get too much experience you may “level up” a skill back to level one or whatever your next level was, so when you wake up it will not use the mods level 10 for the upgrade.

So make sure not to do much farming, gathering, fishing, mining, or combat for the day you are playing without mods on
I have done this twice and it worked both times. Might not work every time and might not work for everyone.

Also superspeed has worked for me after activating wemod after starting in the game not sure if thats just coincidence or if it got fixed earlier.

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Thank you, that worked for me the logging out and logging back in without Wemod, now I have all my skills showing up,

Please fix this mod

The Stardew Valley cheats have been updated!


  • Free Crafting cheat added
  • Get Player Inventory cheat added
  • Set Player Inventory Item cheat added
  • Set Player Opened Storage Item cheat added
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Thank You MrAntiFun!

Question: Do things like kegs and the gem maker (Forgot its name) work when freeze game time is on?

the inventory isnt working for me. i followed instructions but it doesnt open anything

Btw does anyone know why the Instant crop growth mod just suddenly stopped being developed? was it just a coding issue or a technical issue? either way I’m happy we get so many mods in the first place : D

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May I ask if it is possible to make plants grow instantly? Very much needed, thank you MrAntiFun!

I’m always told that the mods don’t work with the game version. The first 3 mods turn on, the others turn off immediately

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same, every time i try to launch the game it immediately crashes :frowning:

The game crashing for me is really up to random chance. At some points I can play for 3 hours uninterrupted, but other times the game crashes in 5 minutes. But you take what you can get right?

One thing I’ve noticed is the infinite item cheat does not work how it used to in a specific way. When you put items in preserve jars, kegs, oil machines, etc it no longer keeps the item in your inventory. It now consumes the item. Hopefully this can be re-established to the way it used to work as I used it for that purpose quite often in the past.

I have had 0 issues with crashing for the 20 hours I’ve played using the new mods since March 29th on both my laptop and desktop personally.

Yeah, The new mods work really well. The only problems are just how they work (Like with your example) and wanting some old ones back like instant crop growth.

I cannot get the Super Speed, Set Player Inventory, or Set Player Open Storage to work. I tried a few times following the instructions for Get Player Inventory and then activating the other two, but no luck.

I’ve moved around a bit, activated the Infinite Money cheat, bought something from the carpenter shop, money went down form what I had. Soooo, unlimited money DOES NOT work.

can we get a update to this game please