Starfield Cheats and Trainer for Steam

Thank you for your message, I will wait for the official release then. Thanks again!

Please always read the patch notes:

NOTE: The Starfield Steam Beta is a separate version of the game and requires a separate

download. You can continue playing with your last save, but the saves created in the beta

version will not work in the live version until the update is officially released.


For some odd reason I can’t hear voices when I launch it through We Mod, but I can when I launch it through steam.

Actually it doesn’t use a separate full download, it’s only a patch that hasn’t been released yet, it’s not a complete separate installation, at least not on steam, and the trainer does mostly still work anyway, so it’s not a huge deal anyway, if people want it to work fully then yeah probably should just not use the patch until it’s fully released

came an update on steam and now part of this trainer no longer works, like the spaceship ones


Space Ship Unlimited Health, Space Ship Unlimited Shield, Spaceship Infinite Boost, and Companion Affinity all shut themselves off now.


Forced update on Starfield. Spaceship mods dont work (auto off) and Companion affinity shuts down as well.

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Recent forced Steam update Causing/Experiencing issues/Inability (Auto Off) to activate with trainer options, (16, 17, 18, 26, 33, 34)

(16)-Spaceship: Infinite Health
(17)-Spaceship: Infinite Shield
(18)-Spaceship: Infinite Boost
(26)-Companion Affinity Always Go Up
(33)-Spaceship: One Hit Destroy Shield
(34)-Spaceship: One Hit Destroy Hull

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the same result :+1:

So I am guessing an update is in the works?

It’s #1 in the Queue presently.

The affinity cheat no longer works. When you press ctrl and numpad 4 it turns on then straight back off.

Please read most recent posts, you’ll see the game just updated (moved from beta to live) and the Trainer is in the process of being updated. When you open WeMod, the trainer even has a green bar at the top, letting you know its in the Update Queue (Presently #1) so it should be updated soon.

The Starfield cheats have been updated!


  • Bug fixes and game compatibility improvements

dont know what the problem is but half dont work still

Just played after the new update to both the game and wemod app. Game still crashes when loading a new zone/area. Makes pretty much unplayable

Thanks a lot for the update!

To be honest, I played after the game update when the trainer was not already updated and all worked fine, no issues.

Are you using game speed at all when this occurs?

Or rather what mod options do you have enabled when this happens?

I use god mode/ignore hits, infinite health, infinite power, infinite jetpack, infinite oxygen, infinite ammo, no reload, infinite weapon energy, spaceship infinite health shield boost and weapon energy, items don’t decrease, zero weight, companion always goes up, super accuracy, no recoil, persuasion always succeed, easy research, no crafting material requirements and minimum building material requirements.

Those are options I had enabled.

It might be Something with your graphics settings specifically. I personally use every single option in the menu and my game runs fine. Just make sure when you load into new areas/zones that your jump height/ movement speed is the normal speed as I have seen that the game itself will freeze for impute delay when loading into new zones with movement speed and/or jump height increased

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