Starfield Cheats and Trainer for Steam

Did you make sure your ‘Num Lock’ was active?

No Update !!! It is a Beta Update not Final !!!

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Could you add a cheat to unlock all Starborn Powers that you get from the Temples! I recently had to restart my character because my game glitched and I had almost all the powers I really don’t wanna grind again to get them all its so back a forth. I don’t wanna use console commands because it deactivates achievements.

Also could you add a way to level up all your starborn powers

There are multiple mods that allow you to use the console without blocking achievements. Hit the ‘Nexus’ and you can get this done.

with the No Recoil will not stay active - does not work

latest game release has disabled No Recoil in the Trainer


Fling The no recoil doesn’t work when activated it turns off on its own other than that everything else works 101%

you can unlock all the powers with console command psb

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I agree with most posts in the last few days, @FLiNG we might need a mini update to cater for the latest version of the game. The No Recoil keeps turning off whenever we try to enable it.

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I also, can confirm No Recoil is malfunctioning. An update would be greatly appreciated.

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Has anyone had trouble with their game freezing and turning off when you customize a ship?

Not me. But then I’m also using mods from Nexus, like Starfield Community Patch.

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The Starfield cheats have been updated!


  • Bug fixes and game compatibility improvements

Thanks for the rapid response. Can confirm it works for me.

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Are people still having issues with the No Recoil?


Thank you so much for the update, I appreciate it. :grin:

No problems for me after the latest wemod update.

I have the latest update (of WeMod) and I have the “no recoil” cheat active. Maybe I’m misunderstanding the cheat, but somehow I’m still experiencing recoil. I need to figure out how to record a video my game so I can share evidence. In the meantime, is anyone else experiencing issues?

@FLING, I understand why you remapped “Infinite Power” from “Numpad 3” to “`”, and “Infinite Jetpack Boost” from “Numpad 4” to “Tab”. Both are minor annoyances that toggle these functions whenever you either invoke the console, or close a menu. These are similar to the minor annoyances of mapping “Increase Movement Speed” to “1”, and “Increase Jump Height” to “WheelUp”.

All four of these key remappings are meant to gently (or not so gently) nudge someone into buying the paid version of WeModPro, to remove the minor annoyances.

The latest change, however, of mapping the “W” key to toggling “Spaceship Infinite Health” quite frankly crosses the line from minor annoyance to almost pure evil. The W key is used to move forward, and is generally held down. With this latest change, this causes the “Spaceship Infinite Health” to keep toggling on and off several times a second, beeping the whole time, and slowing down forward speed by about half. Please consider changing this back to the “Shift F1” button that it used to be mapped to, or some other unused or at worst lightly used key.

Thank you for an otherwise great mod/trainer.

You don’t have to be pro to remap the key bindings.
Click the box, remap the key, boom you’re done.

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Thank you so much for that info!

If Bethesda is to be believed, they’ll be launching new versions every couple of weeks so they can fix the %(**%(% bugs they should have fixed before launching in the first place. In any case, I know that a few Bethesda versions caused this mod to fail in spots. It might do so again.