State of Decay 2 Cheats and Trainer for Windows Store

@Fyb3r0p7ik That’s probably something you’ll need to contact the Windows Store support team about.

  1. Go here:
  2. Click “PC Gaming”
  3. Click “Ask us a question”
  4. You’ll end up talking to a dumb robot. Simply type “Talk to an Agent” to be connected to a real human.

Also check your email, including junk, to make sure you haven’t been banned from the game for being naughty (ie trying to use a trainer online).

The unlimited health kind of works. You can take a lot of damage but once you start getting broken bones and such you health goes down perm until you go back to the house to remove them. Maybe make a cheat where it removes your abrasions/burns/etc. while you are out and about.
Everything else so far I have found works.

Appreciate the advice. Have not been using it online but can hopefully get some sort of answers

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Is this why i randomly keep dying? Usually when i play a character for a while i will take one hit and just drop dead. It gets annoying when im trying to do the leader quest and have to start over.

Hello, so I am getting the Exact Issue as @Fyb3r0p7ik. I have not used online, I am only using Mods from the Sod2 Modding Discord. it was working yesterday but not today, if you could update or help or something i would be grateful. please and thank you.

Also im Sure its not my mods from the discord. cause I just tried playing the game With starting without wemod. and its working for now.

So im gonna post what ive learned so far to Solve my issue: Start up game WITHOUT wemod, and then activate it after getting into the community and doing a lil bit of stuff. That’s what has been working so far for the last 30m, before I would last 1-3m and game crash. so I think this is a TEMP solution until trainer is updated or something. this is what worked for me. so far

Even though I have Unlimited Health,2. Unlimited Stamina 3. No Fatigue it seems I am still infected by plague zombies

Anyone else?

Microsoft is kicking you out of ingame, when you activate any cheat, no matter if you’re online or offline…and you don’t get back ingame…you have to close wemod…and start game normally, then you can play again…unfortunately without cheats…for now…

I’ve paid to have over 1k in update requests so hopefully it’ll get updated soon! :smiley: I also am a sub for MAF :slight_smile:

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Nice one. Thank you for supporting the WeMod devs, staff and trainer makers. :slight_smile:

MAF tested the game earlier and said he couldn’t find any issues with it. What isn’t working?

Some details about the issue would help get it sorted out quicker, For example does the issue happen at some exact point or on Doing certain action in game, is it caused by a certain cheat or just having the trainer causes the issue.? .

It doesn’t work with latest version i’ll see if I can replicate the problems

This is what I get
EDIT: I also have a legit copy on the windows store

I’ll have to install this and see if I can replicate this issue :slightly_smiling_face:

Were you able to replicate the issue?

The Windows store downloads in my area are abysmally slow, it’s at 60% currently and I’ll test when I can and post back :+1:

I think it could potentially be because I have the ultimate edition which the WeMod trainer doesn’t recognise? I’m not entirely sure

The edition doesn’t matter as they all have the same base game.