State of Decay 2 Cheats and Trainer for Windows Store

Will there be one for the steam edition?

Im sure that when they will work for a updated version for windows store then there will be for steam too. Steam version came out at same time as Juggernaut Update for windows store version. Mr Antifun (author of trainer) didnt answer yet when he will make it.

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Cool thanks

damn i forgot how hard this game is without wemod lol.
Thanks for making this, i get alot of use out of it.
looking forward to next update, hopefully i can maintain
my interest in it until then.

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Does anyone know when the Wemod will update? No rush but i wanted to explore the map without my Fellow AI survivors complaining Lmao. with that said congratulations to the Dev’s, and staff who work this, you are doing a great service with this i think i and many others can say we are very grateful to have this app/software. Once again no rush, im just asking in case it wasn’t known among the community

I work 12 hours, five days a week. I need this trainer😏
We with a business life, don’t have free time like we used to👁

as i said above Lets just be patient with the dev’s they have never failed us :slight_smile: they will continue nothing but the best

look at the Wemod software news, he works Multiple updates upon hours and and hours, and thats what we see, me personally i tried to get into that stuff, and i dont even know the basics, so all i can say is they always come through

Update: None of the cheats seem to be working for me now. Not sure if I’m doing something wrong, or if they’ve just stopped because of Juggernaut. They were working last night.

You done everything what i wrote?

he updated it, however i think it has something to do with the new version of the game, they changed it from State of decay 2 to The juggernaut eddition

there is no steam version yet seems priority is the windows store version before anything else

Let’s be a bit more patient, the Steam version hasn’t been out that long, it was only released 2 days ago on Steam.

Also, a trainer for the Steam version is currently in development now. :slight_smile:

EDIT: And now it has been released: State of Decay 2: Juggernaut Edition Cheats and Trainer for Steam
Be sure to give MAF your thanks. :slight_smile:

after the Juggernaut update the windows store trainer currently doesn’t work, its not a problem im spending the down time to take care of School work, however i wanted to say no problem im sure everything will get figured out

You need to use the Juggernaut Edition trainer, @NovaXGaming. :slight_smile:

it says Not installed, however i do have it installed from the windows store

OHHH no scratch that Im sorry. im new to the software i didnt know i had to download the New version
i downloaded the Juggernaut version and now i got it:)

nvm… it still messed me up

Go to the official Juggernaut Edition thread here: State of Decay 2 (Juggernaut Edition) Cheats and Trainer for Windows Store. There’s a post there by another player which may help. If not share your issue in that thread so it doesn’t get confused for the non-Juggernaut Edition trainer here.

ok steam version has most things working aside from unlimited health I am still getting injured by zombies and falls