State of Decay 2 from Xbox to pc?

Hello everyone,
Newby here so go gentle please.
Have played this great game for so long and completed it several times over on Xbox, so, I heard about this site and the mod/s available.

My problem is that I cannot seem to transfer my game on Xbox to run it through Wemod on pc.
All I get in the top right corner is ‘FIX’.
An option is to download games from my pc, but my game is on Xbox from CD. No I didn’t purchase online.

Could someone tell me how I could send my game across to pc via Xbox live Or mod my game through Xbox?
Thank you

It isn’t possible to play it on PC if you didn’t purchase the digital version as it has to be downloaded through the MS store.

That would make sense, so need to get the pc version.
Thank you very much :+1: