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State of Decay 2: Juggernaut Edition Cheats and Trainer for Windows Store


Trainer has been working great, besides the fact that my playable character dies for no reason with Infinite health on. Thanks @MrAntiFun for the great trainer, just has one giant hiccup in my eyes. Cheers!

That bug has been around since the game released(the original games) and has nothing to do with the trainer. I’ve had to restart multiple times because my character died for no reason.

Thank you for the heads-up. My initial thought was maybe it was because trauma kept going down to a point I was just getting randomly one shot or something on nightmare mode. I now carry a med-kit to get rid of trauma after fights just as a precaution. Have yet to die randomly since carrying one but it could just be a coincidence.


Welcome @Gustik :slight_smile:

A Steam trainer was actually made on the exact same day as the post you’re replying to. :slight_smile:
Here: State of Decay 2 Cheats and Trainer for Steam. It works with Juggernaut Edition.

HI that happened too me yesterday my good character just randomly died when she got hit by a pherall . I thought it was something that had too do with nightmare mode.


hello i need help so one my other save the unlimited items worked but now for some reason on my 2nd save it wont work do i have to do something that i forgot please help

It would be awesome if you add an option to get huge stacks of items, consumables and ammo for the backpack. Like being able to carry stacks greater than only 30 bullets for those weapons that have extended mags.

can i use this cheat online with my own base? or does it have to be disconnected from the internet then save all of my stuff? or will that just ban me once i remove wemod then just to play regular after @MrAntiFun @Ravenfyre

We don’t make trainers to work online, only in offline single player games.

In the rare case that a trainer, from anywhere on the internet, does work online due to oversights by the game developers then there is always a risk of an anti-cheat bot flagging you for the game’s next scheduled ban wave. You attempt it at your own risk, but we don’t condone or recommend it.

alright so they will ban me if i do cheats offline then go back online even though wemod is closed cause they will see i modified the game correct? i appreciate your help!! great staff

Yes. If your using the same modified save from wemod and your character is modded then probably yes

Hello guys, what Easy Craft stands for??? then can you do a cheat where is always daylight please?
You are amazing by the way =)

There is already a cheat to set the time of day. As for easy craft it should remove the crafting requirements.

thanks but I cant understand how the set time of the day works, if I increase it skip hours?

we dont get banned because it is a PvE and not PvP :smiley: just tested it out

As of today, “No Reload” is no longer working. This seems to be related to the new update they released today.


You will need to vote for an update via the WeMod desktop app. :slight_smile:
This link explains how: How do I request an update for games? - WeMod Support

Ensure you select the Juggernaut Edition, as highlighted in the above image.

Can’t see the button to request an update?
This link explains why: Why can’t I request an update for a game? - WeMod Support.
Please be patient. Thank you. :slight_smile: