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State of Decay 2: Juggernaut Edition Cheats and Trainer for Windows Store

This part of the message is advising you how to fix it. Your version of the game is probably out of date and in need of being updated. So try updating your game. (Or is your game a cracked version by any chance?)

I believe this can, in rare cases, also be triggered by interference from over-protective antivirus programs (ie, BitDefender, Norton, etc). So add the game as an exception in your antivirus program too, just in case.

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already done already put it as an exception … but nothing and I don’t know how to update the game since I downloaded the latest version from google

That probably what the main problem is this is made for the windows store version of the game. We dont support cracked or non bought store versions of the game

I had the same problem (wemod doesn’t acept the .exe file), don’t start the game, just drag the exe file to the fix and after that press play (wemod will open the game for you and it will detect)! the problem is, when i press the key for the cheats they turn on and after that off…

as soon as i press the hotkeys they go from on to off in an instant

Make sure your game is up to date. And make sure you’re using the legitimately purchased version of the game, not a cracked version which this trainer will not support.

If you’re using the Steam version, you need this trainer instead: State of Decay 2 Cheats and Trainer for Steam
If you’re using the Epic Games version, a trainer currently does not exist, but may do in the future at some point.

@MrAntiFun is it possible for you to update the trainer to where it can mod guns to have a higher magazine capacity

How bout just infinite ammo ? Even if magazine is 10 or 1000 its infinite
Or maybe I’m not understanding your question?


I use infinite ammo and no reload, and I think its the no reload which is essentially all I want. As long as you have a round in the weapon it will fire forever, and a full mag will stay full, that way I don’t have to carry ammo and use an inventory slot.

With the new hotfix, everything still works the same, though the game is buggy. I got stuck trying to access the trunk of a vehicle at my base and had to restart the game.

hey! love your trainer. was wondering if its possible to increase the cap for prestige points from 6000 to 9999?

Can someone please explain to me exactly what the set time of day mod does? Does it allow you to set what time of day you play? For example morning,noon or night? Or does it do something else? Thank you!!


Trainer has been working great, besides the fact that my playable character dies for no reason with Infinite health on. Thanks @MrAntiFun for the great trainer, just has one giant hiccup in my eyes. Cheers!

That bug has been around since the game released(the original games) and has nothing to do with the trainer. I’ve had to restart multiple times because my character died for no reason.

Thank you for the heads-up. My initial thought was maybe it was because trauma kept going down to a point I was just getting randomly one shot or something on nightmare mode. I now carry a med-kit to get rid of trauma after fights just as a precaution. Have yet to die randomly since carrying one but it could just be a coincidence.


Welcome @Gustik :slight_smile:

A Steam trainer was actually made on the exact same day as the post you’re replying to. :slight_smile:
Here: State of Decay 2 Cheats and Trainer for Steam. It works with Juggernaut Edition.

HI that happened too me yesterday my good character just randomly died when she got hit by a pherall . I thought it was something that had too do with nightmare mode.


hello i need help so one my other save the unlimited items worked but now for some reason on my 2nd save it wont work do i have to do something that i forgot please help