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State of Decay 2 (Windows Store) Cheats and Trainer for Windows Store


%LocalAppData%/Infinity is the install dir and %AppData%/Infinity is the cache. If neither of those folder exists, Infinity is not installed. Most likely it is your antivirus thinking Infinity is malware and removed it without telling you. Disable/uninstall your antivirus, even if you have bitdefender.


And after that ? Because it’s does start infinity but after that it goes nuts and also I will try to attach the trainer


After that you reinstall Infinity of course since your AV deleted it.


It works now thanks but I have other questions is the radio cool down unlocking all military strikes and delivery ? And also how do I do the massive items cheats and then put it back to my supply locker it won’t let me :wink:


see for yourself, if it works it works.

The game probably doesn’t allow that. If it works like a normal stack, move single items from the massive stack and create regular stacks (usually 3 per stack).


Ok thanks


What are the Xbox one enhanced cheats ?

And also if you could put the no ressources lost by storage thingy ???


I would like to play in two players mode with my dad can you ?


Like the posts? You should create like a mod where you can do a duplicate weapon or use the inventory with no fullness ???


Do I do that just one time ?


I keep loosing ressources with the storage any ways you can delete that ?


You could do all weapons also located in supply locker it would just has to be massive item moded


Have you played on Pc or Xbox one ?


PC. There is no xbox trainer


I can play with my save but if you could do like a thing with the play button on Xbox or with the save idk to activate the other cheats ?




I can play on Xbox with my saved Pc game but if you could do a cheat activator for the play button wether on the pc or with the save or squarely do a mod to activate all the cheats on Xbox 1or maybe a glitch with the characters ? Idk


I don’t have a console. Modding consoles is different than PC. Consoles are quite honestly crap and one of the reason i have never owned one is cause the developers don’t allow any modification to them.


My moding lags sometimes and the pro version insnt affiching on infinity ? I live in Nc New Caledonia like the Nc north ca


What do you mean the Pro version isn’t attaching? You can’t use the remote unless you subscribe to Pro which you aren’t.