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State of Decay 2 (Windows Store) Cheats and Trainer for Windows Store


Ok but do I earn money by diamond for giving you the cheats ? So man don’t do the ugly man that don’t help me for my thing intentionally , I just want my game to work well with the new cheats I found !!!


im seriously tired hearing about pc master race ■■■■…


You are asking horizon questions in infinty thread ?
You dont earn money doing anything here


give me money


So what man I could not use a patent for simple things like this ■■■■ you


I am sorry but you sound like a retard. I haven’t understood a single thing you said and i don’t know what you are so angry about :woman_shrugging:


Thats why i didnt respond again cant make heads or tails of its writing. I even turned my tablet upside down to see if that would help not sure what he on about !


They are not retarded they are just suffering from the jpeg curse.


Hi, sorry for the late reply.
I was thinking of stuff like:

  • Infinity Car Engine Health
  • Max. Stats for Weapons (like Recoil, Fire Speed, Accuracy, Range and Quietness)
    and maybe thinks like
  • Max Moral
  • Teleporting to befor manually saved positions
    (but dont know if thats possible)


Fix the Microsoft money sucker


Patent *


Earn money now


There isnt even a money cheat in here. Not sure if you know what your talking about !


I am honestly laughing my ass off


@William1027 glad that worked for you, another trick is the game location. The trainer assumes you are going to install in on your primary drive (C:). If you install it there, you can launch with the trainer directly. I stumbled onto that today when I installed it on my (D:) storage drive.


Thanks for the trainer @STN it makes the game actually semi-tolerable for those of us who are more casual players. I can’t say I don’t regret not waiting until they cleaned it up and it made its way to Steam, but odds are, I’ll repurchase it there.

As usual, thank you for a great trainer, I’d rage quit in five minutes otherwise! My only recommendation would be an “immunity to blood plague” option. Though I’ve been able to get around that by “Massive Items”, innate immunity would be a huge plus. Mind you, merely a suggestion, without your trainer I would have already given up!

Thanks as always!


Mine would be unlock all weapons , no bag limit , supply locker all objects , , all weapons , all etc things , then 2 player game , and kill one hit , also instant search , Cinderella mode I’m still working on it but I could find it really quick


help i need to install infinity again it wont let me



when i hit play in infinity the game starts up and i get to play the game but cheats don’t work, when i alt tab to infinity, it tells me “failed to start game” am i doing something wrong?. I’m playing on the window store version