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State of Decay 2 (Windows Store) Cheats and Trainer for Windows Store


I had the same issue initially, due to the fact I did not install on my primary drive. When I moved it to my primary drive (C:), the trainer was able to load the game with no problem.


Run game yourself then attach infinity. Disable your antivirus and add infinity to its exception list. Spam the Play key!


Hey stn I can’t install infinity anymore it says they couldn’t access the infinity update exe. And there’s a second folder infinity that already exists ? What should I do ? All of it is in the pastebin up in the conversation if you could take a


Disable your antivirus. Delete all the leftover folders you have from previous install. Then try installing.


Where are the additional files I deleted them already each time I download it creates a new file


Also I can’t show the hidden files on the infinity approximative location


It also shows me a globe icon with infinity name


Please make a new thread. This thread is for State of Decay 2 not installer issues.


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it makes also useless spam in this thread


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I’m with you @STN I think someone has been sniffing WAY too much glue…


Welp, another day, another update. At present, the Resources, No Reload, and Instant Crafting/Building options don’t work.


Please update this trainer! There was a new game patch today and it no longer works as Infinity says my game version isn’t supported. Thank you!


please update


needs update ASAP!!


When are you going to update State Of Decay 2


Hi the cheats not working now i know there is new update is there way when you can please update thank you also if there is a way add more cheats something like ghost mode so undead don’t see you that would be very cool if its possible if you can by way i love your trainers ?
thank you